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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Bed

I saw this tutorial online to make a cute little baby doll bed. I decided to make one for my daughter for Easter. It really is a fairly easy project, I made it a lot more difficult for myself by choosing not to follow the directions (I seem to do that a lot and it never works, but I don't learn anything from it I guess!) Maybe some day I will learn that I really don't know more than the people who made the pattern. But until then, projects will continue to take me twice as long as they should :)
Enough rambling, here's the pictures!

She loves the little handles on it so she can carry her toys around while they "nap"

 The little pillow isn't part of the tutorial, but I thought it needed one because my daughter is always making things into pillows for her toys :)
I also added quilt batting to the bottom and sides to make it fluffy and comfy.

Here is puppy using the bed (baby doll was napping with my daughter)

I really did have fun making this, and I now know what works and what doesn't for future projects! (following the directions works!!!)


  1. i bet she loves this :) can't wait to see you soon.

  2. Omg Brett! That is adorable!! I wish I knew how to sew more then straight lines lol


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