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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tohoku Tote

Remember when I posted about this tote from Cheri at I am Momma - Hear me Roar?

 I found some fabric I loved and made one for myself! I love it, and the pattern is so easy to use, I will definitely be making more of them!

Here are some pictures of the inside, I made a few pockets. One is big enough to fit an iPhone (maybe one day in the future I will own one?!), one for a pen, and one for chapstick or whatever else I need to throw in there.

K decided she had to get in the picture too, I thought I'd share one. I asked her to smile and this is what she did. Silly girl.

Make sure you check out the link at the top if you would like the pattern, there are instructions there!

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  1. cute :) + tell K she needs to work on that smile. dub.


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